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20-Jun-11 09:53

As ever, we have tested the solution in pretty much the best way know how - we ran our own business on it for the last few months. We have to say, the entire experience can only be described as truly online-tening!


For those who haven’t figured it out yet, running a business isn’t all closing deals and running up huge tabs on the boss’s credit card, down the local bar after work. Most of it, is totally, incredibly dull. Does your ledger balance out? Have you sent out that invoice payment reminder? Hows your P&L looking? What about cashflow? Yes it’s boring horrible accounts admin. It’s also boring horribly essential.

What struck us, was that the vast majority of online ’CRM’ solutions out there seem to add, not remove, layers of complexity, by developing software in a way we could only describe as ’complex-disjoined-modulisim’. ’Modular’ features with complexity, but without integration. For instance, our previous system enabled us to create invoices, but had no idea about how purchase orders effected the monthly P&L. Oh sure, you could add a purchase order, but somehow, money in and money out were about as hooked up as John Terry and Wayne Bridge. Not even a quick handshake. Yes, the vast majority of these online CRM solutions enable you to load on your business contacts, store your phone numbers, plan meetings and chase ’leads’ or ’opportunities’.


However, when it comes to dealing with the ’business end’ of business - it’s almost like you fall off the edge of a fiscal cliff.


It’s like the CRM just Moo’vd on


And so to Moobiz. On the face of it, it’s just another online CRM solution, perhaps one that’s not so well known, so perhaps that’s something else to worry about. But look at bit closer, and you will find that there is something quite fresh, clever & unique about the Moobiz offering that makes it stand out from every other system that we have come across before, and we’ve used quite a few.


The first thing that makes Moobiz stand out is the extremely clean design interface. In fact - it’s so clean that if you happened to stick your thumb over the Moobiz logo - you’d be forgiven for thinking this was something Steve Jobs might be introducing as

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