In a competitive business climate, ACC International provides advanced research to give our clients an edge where they need it most, with their customers.

Technically innovative and often tailored to an individual client’s needs, ACC’s advanced research techniques are designed to:

Place actionable data into the hands of commercial management for better decision making.

Minimise data noise so that genuine effects are clear to see and easy to interpret. ACC’s most advanced research methods routinely explain more than 99% of the variation in data leaving residual noise at a level of 1% or less. This is unprecedented in market research.

Make international research more than just a collection of independent national studies, where differences in language, culture and custom are reflected in the data and do not obstruct it. ACC’s most advanced quantitative research techniques are virtually language free and directly comparable between countries without the need to account for translation inaccuracy or response strategy.

Simplify the research task for respondents and interviewers, to minimise fatigue and error, while making the whole business of interviewing more interesting and appealing.